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Professional skill

I have created an image in 2D painting by applying elements of Constructivism.  Inspired by the Hanji painting, which is dyed and pasted with glue, I employed printmaking techniques to produce my artwork.  By bridging and crossing paper with paper and  colour with colour, I was able to create incomplete but sophisticated configurations and images. Through the process of overlapping the papers, I am able to symbolise the past vertical line meeting the present horizon. Moreover, the intersecting lines imply the evolving future, undergoing a new transformation. By working with the ideas of handcrafts and craftsmen, I created a constant tension between Korean and Western art throughout the practice and tried creative activities.

I have shared the process and outcome of my work on my YouTube channel, showcasing a distinctive combination of printmaking and painting techniques.


Hanji Painting - Printmaking


Dyed Hanji, Kinfe, glue, ruler, Design Palette, brush, glue, spray, MDF


The Process

  1. Paper cutting

  2. Dying or printing the papers

  3. Making your own design

  4. Cut the paper following the design

  5. Glue the paper edges with the paper

  6. Keep gluing to bridge the papers

  7. Let the paper dry for 5-10 minutes

  8. Leave some space to cover the edge of the MDF and cut the rest

  9. Glue the paper on the MDF (apply the glue on the MDF and spray water on the paper)

  10. *Do not glue the paper. Spraying the water on Hanji will make it strong and even

  11. Let the paper dry for 5 – 10 minutes

  12. If you need, push the paper to remove any gaps

  13. Here, you can glue the edges once more

  14. Cut off the edge more if you need to

  15. You can print or draw your design in the middle (mine is lino print then acrylic painting on top)


Paper cutting


Relief print


Spring of Hometown

Folding Screen style book Making

According to the exploration of materials between Hanji, Mount board, plywood and MDF, I made a panel to test and use for the summer show. The planned size is (160cm x 50 cm) but my work is (24cm x 7.5cm) to see the size in proportion.


In the summer show, I plan to attach images to the three panels below and then connect them to each other.


Three Image display panels

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