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2020 Autumn - Kingston College Online Interim Show

Han's project is inspired by exploring changing seasons and observing natural forms. She writes poems about her response to nature and creates images that celebrate its fragility and beauty. She captures this with watercolor and creates 3D pieces in porcelain to reflect the images in the painting. 

Her work includes representing the ecological aesthetics of plants and conveys the figurative and symbolic meaning of life. Her research began with looking at the 18-century period of the Enlightenment, the trend of Botanic art. It then developed into visual representation that references work by 20th-century female artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe and the work of abstract expressionists.  


Watercolour on paper(640g), 110cm(H) x 75cm(L)


Watercolour on paper(640g), 110cm(H) x 75cm(L)


Watercolour on paper(640g), 110cm(H) x 75cm(L)

Dancing torn leaves


“torn and broken you

you may not look perfect, 

but still beautiful”


Porcelain 30cm(H) x 10cm(L)

Dance with autumn


“under autumn’s sky

  let us dance freely and fly

like dancing leaves”


Porcelain 29cm(H) x 9.5cm(L)

Dance with your life


“life isn’t waiting

from the storm coming to pass

but to dance with it”


Porcelain 29cm(H) x 9.5cm(L)

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