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Professional skill

Open Call: selected

Southbank Printmaker:

Due to the announcement of the mini print exhibition 2023 by Southbank Printmakers at Gabriel's Wharf across the UK, I submitted one of my superposition series works centred around the theme of time, created during my MA course, and it was selected. The selected artworks will have the opportunity to be exhibited and sold in their print gallery at Southbank Printmakers in London and online shop. As a trial, I released one of the artworks from the series, which is the second in the series. It will be available for sale at £75. This artwork is the 6th edition out of a total of 8 edition.


Open Call: selected

Bankside gallery: Small But Mighty

The public open call, organized by the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and curated by the artist Jonny Hannah, aims to create long-term opportunities for artists and promote printmaking to a wider audience. This competition highlights powerful, ambitious, and impressive works of all forms of printmaking, emphasizing small-scale creations. I submitted four artworks from the superposition series centered around the theme of time, and two artworks focused on identity, all created during my MA course. One of them was selected. The selected piece is titled Presence created using etching and chine-collé (Korean paper) techniques. The exhibition will take place between November 8th and 19th. I plan to continue participating in printmaking competitions after my MA graduation, further developing my professional skill.

스크린샷 2023-10-10 154654.png

Open Call: selected

The Green Door Gallery: Group Exhibition ‘Home’

The Green Door Gallery in Belgium has announced a group exhibition titled 'HOME,' scheduled for December 2023, inviting artists working in 2D media.

In response, I contemplated this theme and selected a piece centred around the concept of time, aiming to interpret it in a way that aligns with my personal artistic vision. I created a piece themed around the life and death of plants, metaphorically connecting it to human life and titled it Return Home. I submitted this artwork to the competition. This artwork was created to make us contemplate the idea of an eternal home. The results  announced on 23rd of October.

"'home' may be a place, an emotion, a memory, a person, or even a community."


Open Call: pending

John Ruskin Prize

The 6th John Ruskin Prize has opened its doors to artists, designers, makers, amateurs, and professionals worldwide for submissions. This award welcomes artworks in all media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, textiles, animation, mixed media, digital, performance, and installations. I submitted my MA summer show exhibition piece, The Cross, to this competition because of its content, envisioning the invisible future, resonates well with the theme of the competition. The announcement of the results will be made on November 20, 2023.

"The selection panel will shortlist up to 40 artists and select work for inclusion in an exhibition titled ‘Seeing the Unseen, Hearing the Unspoken,’ scheduled for Trinity Buoy Wharf in London from 1 to 18 February 2024."


Open Call

Green and Stone
Paperwork 2024
Winter 2024 Exhibition

The Green & Stone Gallery is currently accepting entries for the paper exhibition. Printed or painted works shall be included and written on paper or cards. I decided to submit the identity series works created during the MA course, and I recently printed three images on Korean paper and connected them to complete them into one work. When the research festival is finished, I'm planning to re-print from my existing work and submit a total of 2-3 works. As a art practitioner I plan to expand my reach by continuously applying for these print artist open calls after graduating from graduate college. 

Application deadline: January 12, 2023, noon
Selection Notice: Until 6pm on Friday, December 8, 2023.



East London Printmakers

I was honoured with a certificate and a prize during the MA Summer Show, which included a one-year full membership and five open sessions at East London Printmakers. This recognition holds immense significance for me as it instils confidence in my career trajectory as a printmaker and visual artist. I am thrilled about this achievement, considering it a valuable stepping stone for my future endeavours. In addition, I received a collaboration proposal from Kyum Youngsuk, a Korean-French artist, for an exhibition slated for the second half of the upcoming year. Youngsuk is actively involved in the Korean community in France, serving as a fine artist and teaching Korean calligraphy to individuals across France and Europe. In Europe, where artists introducing Korean culture are often hesitant, there are few active printmakers I've come across. Collaborating with Youngsuk Kyum presents an exciting opportunity not only to showcase Korean cultural heritage through hanji but also to continually evolve within my unique niche as a printmaker. Our shared goals, discovered through our meeting at the Christian Network, are a source of great enthusiasm. We are planning an exhibition in Europe where we will introduce Korean cultural heritage and convey hopeful messages to the next generation of Korean Europeans.

Currently, I am considering becoming a member at Bainbridge Print and Slaughterous Print studios to continue my printmaking work post-graduation. I initiated contact with Bainbridge Print Studio, located near my residence in Croydon. The monthly fee, which includes a usage desk, amounts to 220 pounds. Considering the reasonable cost, I plan to visit the studio after the research festival to decide and make preparations for next year's work and exhibitions accordingly.



Selected open calls

Southbank Printmaker, Bankside gallery: Small But Mighty, The Green Door Gallery: Group Exhibition ‘Home’

스크린샷 2023-10-23 123405_edited.jpg
스크린샷 2023-10-23 123535.png
스크린샷 2023-10-23 123644.png



2022 summer special programme


2023 Spring

I was invited to conduct a seminar for two days at the summer camp organized by KHOP in South Korea last summer. Given the task of teaching 100 students in a single day, I took on the overall responsibility from project planning to organization and teaching. I conducted three online workshops for eight assistants beforehand, explaining what printmaking is and providing examples of activities. The project's theme was identity, and I led the seminar by communicating with participants through paper printmaking based on their names and portraits. This experience provided me with diverse opportunities in the field of art, ranging from project planning to tutorials. Additionally, from January to March this year, I worked as a weekend art teacher at the North Korean school in New Malden, UK. I taught children various techniques, including drawing, painting, crafts, and printmaking. Based on these seminar and tutorial experiences, I plan to organize art courses within schools and churches after graduation, catering to both youth and adults. My aim is to find a balance between my roles as an art practitioner and an educator, utilizing my diverse skill set in both domains.

Final outcomes, KHOP Summer camp(2022)


activities, KHOP Summer camp(2022)


North Korean schoolArt tutorials(2023)

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