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Artist statement

My practice deals with themes of Materiality, Nature and Beauty. It involves exploring Korean tradition paper, Hanji, as a material language, as well as exploring specific aspects of beauty in nature. For example, it captures its beauty by observing leaves being trampled, torn, and dying on asphalt.


The resulting artworks demonstrate my relationship with Hanji, and the uniqueness of its materiality. This relationship with Hanji is important in demonstrating the aspects of beauty in nature that I want to portray through my artworks. The key to my artwork is the fragility and strength of Hanji which has led me to have a closer relationship with nature through the physical properties of Hanji, which is made from mulberry inner bark. Developing further on the contrast concept we see with fragility and strength, we can also see it in artificial and natural materials, technology and nature and eventually reaching the concept of finiteness and eternity


I’m interested in the language of materials and cross-cultural discourse.  And I’m interested in how to do creative activities by combining Eastern and Western ideas. I am also interested in taking poetic inspiration from the observations of nature. Taking Hanji as a starting point, I analyse the properties of dak, a mulberry fibre which is both weak and strong, and match it with nature's properties to implement it as a figurative strand. The fragile and finite nature's materials are likened to human life, and furthermore, it presents metaphysical questions about eternal life.


Gradually, by developing contrasting concepts, I poeticise the beauty of human life, and by combining the concepts of the East and the West, create unique artwork while also consolidating my cultural position.

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