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Artist statement

In her practice, Miyoung Han Lee primarily utilizes techniques such as etching, relief, and installation in printmaking. Her work is deeply rooted in the intricate interactions between Eastern and Western cultures. This fascination forms the core of her exploration, where images etched onto Korean paper are metaphorically represented, creating a tapestry of symbolism for the viewers.


Han Lee is captivated by the interplay between traditional and modern cultures, as well as the dual cultural experiences inherent in both Eastern and Western societies. Images, inspired by nature and meticulously developed through photography, find new life as they bridge paper to paper, undergoing a transformative process.


These intersections between processes emphasize cultural encounters, conveying the theme of time between traditional techniques and digital processes. They narrate stories of overlapping conflicts, coexistence, and transitional moments at the juncture of encounters between tradition and modernity. Her intricate craftsmanship accentuates the importance of traditional processes in the digital age.


The meeting of paper with paper forms crossroads where images are reconstructed and interwoven, creating new intersections. This concept plays a vital role in both 2D and 3D works. Particularly in the realm of 3D, the captured patterns of Korean paper depict nuanced conflict structures. Korean paper's unique materiality allows for three-dimensional expressions, showcasing the material's resilience and strength, distinct from Western paper.


Symbolizing her roots in Korean paper, Han Lee reflects a robust Korean spirit, establishing her cultural position as both a Korean-British artist. Through her artworks, she vividly portrays the amalgamation of cultures, capturing the essence of a diverse world united in artistry.

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